Every two years we are riveted to the Olympic Games, inspired by the incredible feats and compelling stories of amazing athletes.  Just because the games are over doesn’t mean the Olympians’ stories have ended.  Our emotional connection to them is just beginning. Our video content platform is of, by and for the World’s Greatest athletes and their fans. We celebrate the personality and spirit of our athletes outside of the Olympics and traditional sports competitions; from funny and entertaining videos to intriguing bios and documentaries to travel, food and culture content as well as how-to/training tutorials -- all featuring the World’s Greatest athletes.  We produce original series for television, digital and social distribution; all guided, focused and inspired by our proprietary research, “Olympian Connection Points Study”.  With over 700,000 data points, we’re able to match the right Olympian to the right content on the right platform with the right brand. All content is built for brand sponsorship, brand integration and original branded content. We are a powerful marketing platform for brands as well. We share net revenue 50/50 with our athletes.